What is Bobcatsss

An annual library and information science symposium. It is held under the auspices of European Association for Library and Information Education and Research and is organized by students from at least two universities.

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BOBCATSSS brings together the professionals and students of library and information science field and gives them an opportunity to meet each other, share their knowledge and discuss the future of LIS.

How to participate

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Get Idea

explore themes, collect relevant information sources and do some research

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Write it Down

choose the form in which you want to present your work. It can be either paper, poster or something else, the choice is yours

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Upload it

keep eye on the submission date, upload your work on time, sit back and relax, wait for our call

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Join Us

pack your bags, book a flight and join the Bobcatsss team in Osijek. Experience the time of your life!

Countdown Until Bobcatsss Osijek, Croatia

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